Midhurst Town Council - Alpha

Melanie Kite - Town Clerk - Midhurst Town Council

Having spent 18 months using another company’s system I realised that what we lacked some very necessary elements in its basic functions. Having used RBS in my two previous councils I had a good comparison.

Both Alpha and Omega are easy to use and the additional allotment and cemetery packages are very useful. The accounting system is well set out and one can analyse any section of the accounts that is required.

It makes life easier knowing that the figures for the AGAR / year-end are correct. Gives the RFO confidence on a monthly basis to be able to account for what has happened throughout the month and year.

The team are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and very patient! Once having raised a support question ticket you do not wait long for someone to call you back and all mistakes and problems are dealt with in a professional manner, no matter what the issue. The on-line help pages are clear, easy to follow and encompass most frequently asked questions.

A totally professional set-up; I would highly recommend Rialtas for all councils no matter how small or large.