Lea and Cleverton Parish Council - Alpha User

The Parish of Lea and Cleverton, east of Malmesbury is a dual warded Parish Council, consisting of Lea ward and Garsdon and Cleverton ward.

The Council holds regular alternative monthly meetings for their various committees; takes an active role in local projects and upkeep of areas of conservation coupled with management of an impressive playing field and much community involvement.

The Council need was for a transparent accounting system with ease of use and functionality for the Clerk/RFO (Responsible Finance Officer).

One of the Councils key requirements was a system that created greater efficiency and clarity within its reporting.

A neighbouring Council recommended the RBS Alpha accounting package.

After initial contact and follow up demonstrations the system was purchased, installed and personnel trained.

Members have expressed considerable satisfaction with the clarity and details of the various reports submitted to them.

A well designed and maintained system which considerably eases the workload of the Council Officer which together with impressive support from the RBS team makes a very efficient all round package.

John Parmiter
Clerk to the Council