Ticehurst Town Council - Alpha User

Frankie Nowne, Parish Clerk, Ticehurst Parish Council

Alpha Financial Director user

“Ticehurst Parish Council has an electoral role of 3300 people with a core village centre incorporating 12 shops, two farm industrial estates of small businesses in High Weald of East Sussex.

As Clerk the accounting responsibility was the one that worried me the most. At a Clerks seminar, I met RBS and then recommended to my council that this was the way forward. It makes me feel so safe in that every penny is accounted for and I can supply the Council with bank reconciliation’s with a list for sanctioning each month.

We then took on more allotments (87) and purchased the allotment programme and I (as a Clerk from the nineteenth century) even managed to load it myself – the training manual is brilliant.

The aims of the Council were to free up administration time and be certain that we were doing everything properly as we worked towards and achieved Quality Council status. The systems in place aided this process.

The service provided by RBS is equal to none, they are friendly and efficient and how they put up with me I never understand, as for the last 10 years I have asked the same questions every year! They are like my security blanket.

Since installation and training the system has provided and met all our needs and expectations.

My closing comment would be “don’t hesitate, ring them and you won’t regret it”.