The Asset Inventory System is designed to hold all the standard information on your assets:

  • Unique identification number
  • Asset description
  • Asset serial number
  • Asset Grouping - identifying the type of asset eg: vehicles, land street furniture etc
  • Original cost
  • Current value
  • Insurance value
  • Detail of who supplied the asset
  • Where the asset is located
  • The date the asset was acquired

This  information is relevant for all assets no matter the size of the council, it supplies all the information to satisfy both internal and external auditors and enables the creation of an inventory to keep records of all your assets.

Demonstrations, Quotations, Training and Support

At Rialtas, we are happy to provide online demonstrations of our products on a no-obligation, no-cost basis. Post-sales, we are able to provide full installation and support for any of the software packages we provide.  Please email for further details and a quotation.