Single or Multiple Bookable Facilities:
  • Civic Centre
  • Community Centre
  • Village Hall
  • Football pitches
  • Beach Huts
  • Market Stalls
Each Facility can be split into Bookable Resources:
  • Civic Hall
  • Main Hall
  • Council Chamber
  • Committee Room
  • Meetings Rooms
  • Pitch
  • Hut
  • Stall
To make a Booking:
  • All bookings are made via a day to a page diary system
  • User definable booking periods
  • Block Booking wizard which easily handles block bookings for weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-room combinations
  • All facilities within a resource can be viewed together
Reports include:
  • Booking confirmation
  • Activity List
  • Performance
  • Booking by Category
  • Invoices raised
  • Monies received
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Configurable Booking Confirmation
  • Configurable Caretaker Confirmation 
  • Reporting of Live, Archived and Deleted Bookings
  • Configurable Email for:
    • Confirmations
    • Caretaker Instructions
    • Invoices
  • Logos can be included on:
    • Confirmations
    • Invoices
Other Features:
  • Two types of deposit
    • holding or refundable damage deposit
  • Handles block bookings
  • Invoices can be generated either at time of booking or afterwards
  • Several bookings can be combined on a single invoice
  • Charge out rates with Vat classifications, budget codes and cost centres
  • Runs stand-alone or can be linked to Financial Omega suite
  • Stand-alone produces all documentation for easy entry into accounts 
  • Prices with VAT classifications, and when linked to Omega full budget code analysis
Google Calendar Integration:
  • Optional functionality to allow Diary Bookings to be published to your Google Calendar.
  • Updates in real time and handles creation, updates and deletion of Booking events.
  • Allows the Public Google Calendar to be embedded into your Website to provide Real Time view of venue/room availability.
  • Allows members of the public to see availability and/or understand what events are being held in your venue.

Demonstrations, Prices, Training and Support

At Rialtas, we are happy to provide on-line demonstrations of our products on a no-obligation, no-cost basis. Post-sales, we are able to provide full installation and support for any of the software packages we provide. For further information, prices or to arrange a product demonstration please email us at sales@rialtas.co.uk