Whitehall Town Council - Data Entry Service

Ms Lorraine Jeffs
Town Clerk & General Manager

Data Entry Service User

“Our Town Council used Rialtas for their data entry service for several months during 2022, whilst we were recruiting our new Finance Officer.  Having this service ticks the following boxes:

  • Alleviates the stress when you're busy with the recruitment process
  • Ensures you are up to date with the latest figures
  • You can continue to provide the finance data to the Council
  • It ensures that your figures will be correct for end of year process. 

It’s definitely worth the money, it was an essential service during a difficult period when we needed this gap filling and it was a plate we didn’t need to spin!”

Since installation and training, the system has provided and met all our needs and expectations.

My closing comment would be “Don’t hesitate, ring them and you won’t regret it”.

Thanks so much Lorraine for providing this feedback! If you are feeling the pressure, call sales@rialtas.co.uk who will be able to help.