Purton Parish Council

Deborah A Lawrence
Clerk and RFO

''Being a user for some 20 years has allowed me firsthand experience of the customer-focused enhancements and changes.

Even during challenging times individual user needs are listened to, supported, and helped throughout.  We have four of the main software packages (Omega with all ledgers, Bookings, Cemeteries and Planning).  The support team are prompt, efficient, friendly, and understanding. Often users are not “tech savvy” but know the software, so to have “hand-holding “ instructions and guidance, not only reassures those less confident, but further enhances the customer experience.

 I firmly believe in software for life, and a company that listens, adapts, and changes with the needs of its users.  Rialtas has proven these qualities throughout my time and long may that continue.''

Thanks Debbie!