NEW! Training and health checks - ON DEMAND

We are excited to announce that we have new on-demand training courses and health checks now available. Contact to book!

NEW Allotments Health Check Service (2.5 hours)

This service is designed to enhance the overall health and efficiency of your allotment management. Let us take care of the details, ensuring your allotments are in top form.

Data Examination:

  • Our consultants will assess the health of your allotment data.

Software Integrity Check:

  • Ensure your allotment software is operating optimally.

Feedback and Recommendations:

  • Receive clear feedback on our findings and practical advice for corrections.

**New service rate £195 per council**


NEW Bookings Health Check Service (2.5 hours)

Discover peace of mind with our expert-led Bookings Health Check Service.

Software Evaluation:

  • Our skilled consultants will assess the functionality of your Facilities bookings software.

Financial Alignment:

  • Ensure that your deposits align accurately with your accounts for financial clarity.

Invoicing Accuracy:

  • Confirm that all bookings have been correctly invoiced, avoiding potential discrepancies.

Constructive Feedback and Corrections:

  • Receive clear and actionable feedback on our findings, along with practical advice for any necessary corrections.

**NEW SERVICE rate £195 per council**


NEW How to Enter Budgets (1 hour)

Join our concise one-hour training to master the art of entering your agreed budget into our software seamlessly. Highlights include:

Efficient Budget Entry:

  • Step-by-step guide using Nominal codes and Cost Centres for accuracy.

Q&A Session

Note Management:

  • Learn to remove expired notes and add new ones for effective record-keeping.

Exclusive for Alpha Customers:

  • Special focus on clearing committed expenditure for our Alpha Customers.

Achieve precision in budgeting with our straightforward training session designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

**NEW SERVICE rate £100 per delegate**


NEW Pre Year End Health Checks (1 day)

Ensure a seamless year-end process with our comprehensive one-day Pre Year-End Health Checks.

Ask one of experts to cast an eye over your data.

  • Running checks on your accounting software.
  • Feedback any findings
  • Advise of corrections if required detailing any items that need to be addressed before year end.

**NEW SERVICE SPECIAL OFFER - £475 per council if booked before 30th November 2023:  £535 thereafter.


Allotments Sales ledger training (1.5 hours)

For allotment users, navigating the process of raising sales ledger invoices may be a new experience. The training session is designed to comprehensively cover the following topics:

  • Updating Rent Period/Rents
  • The invoicing process
  • Generating invoices
  • Printing/Emailing invoices
  • Pre-posting and Posting invoices.
  • Issuing credit notes.

This session aims to provide a thorough understanding of each aspect, ensuring participants are adept at handling sales ledger invoices effectively.

**Special Rate – book and secure your place before 28th November at the discounted price of £95 per delegate: £115 per delegate thereafter**


NEW! Bank Rec Webinar (1.5 hours) Tuesday 28th November 2023 and Wednesday 13th December 2023 9.30-11am. 

A step-by-step guide on how to tackle your monthly Cashbook Reconciliations, produce the reconciliation reports and what to do with any queries. Full details in our events calendar.
  • Entering the Closing Balance
  • Reconciling Payments and Receipts
  • Handling Queries
  • Q&A Session
 **Special Rate – book and secure your place before 28th November at the discounted price of £95 per delegate: £115 per delegate thereafter**

NEW! Report interpretation for Councillors (1.5 hours) Thursday 30th November 2023 

A step-by-step guide on how to interpret Financial Management Records. Full details in our events calendar.
Reports that will be highlighted:

• Income & Expenditure and Receipts & Payments
• Statutory Balance Sheet and Receipts & Payments
• Earmarked Reserves report
• Trial Balance
• Display Nominal Ledger
• Bank Reconciliation
• Budget Report
• Cashbook Reports


Sales Ledger & Purchase Ledger:

• Outstanding balances
• Unpaid Invoices
• Purchase Orders

Phased Budgets

• Phased Budgets Reporting

 **Special Rate – book and secure your place before 28th November at the discounted price of £95 per Council: £115 per thereafter**
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