Webinar - Allotments Inspection App

Webinar to be held on 28th July at 2pm.

We have partnered with BBits to allow for a standardised Allotment Inspection to be delivered via the App that is compatible with our Allotment Management Solution. 

The Inspections done on the mobile App are then imported into the Allotment Management solution.  This updates the inspection history and enables the Inspection Letters to be generated.  As part of these enhancements we are enhancing the Inspections functionality to allow for:

• Inspection History.
• Inspection Letter Enhancements, so you can configure which fields to include on the Letter.
• Inspection Letter generation is recorded, so that the solution only generates each Letter once.
• Inspection Photographs (capture from the Mobile App)

To register for this webinar please email sales@rialtas.co.uk